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The College Component Application is the first step in starting an INROADS Internship.Ag
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This application consists of four parts, plus the INROADS Profile and Candidate Assessment information. You will be asked to supply personal, educational, employment and some additional information. Completing a full application does not guarantee internship placement. It will be stored in our database for review should an internship opportunity become available from our sponsoring companies. Carefully read and complete the application. Some of the information is required and is marked with an asterisk. You can save the application at any time, and return later to submit it to INROADS for processing.

Please Note: Before starting the application it is recommended that you prepare your resume using the supplied template.

College/Career Links - Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Cincinnati, Hartford, Minneapolis, Newark, Oakland, Orlando, Phoenix and Washington, DC

INROADS College/Career Links is the pre-college component to the INROADS Internship process. This program is currently ONLY OFFERED IN Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Cincinnati, Hartford, Minneapolis, Newark, Oakland, Orlando, Phoenix and Washington, DC. Students who participate with INROADS College Links are competitive candidates for INROADS Internship opportunities beginning in their high school senior year! INROADS welcomes underserved high school students who meet the following criteria to apply:

  • 3.0 GPA or "B" average Minimum
  • Strong academic standing with solid extracurricular activities
  • Intent to attend a four-year college or university
  • Intent to pursue an academic major in business or STEAM. This includes, but is not limited to: Accounting, Finance, Communications, Marketing Business Administration, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Industrial and Chemical), Health or Medicine, and Liberal Arts (Psychology, English or Sociology)
  • Are committed to full participation in year round coaching and workshop development sessions on local college and corporate campuses throughout the school year

If you are ready to commit to planning your future today, apply now to become an INROADS College/Career Links Scholar.