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INROADS Internship Application

The National College Component Application is the first step in starting an INROADS Internship. For priority consideration this summer, please apply by March 31st.

Information and Instructions

The mission of INROADS is to develop and place talented minority youth in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership. Our mission has changed thousands of lives worldwide – yours could be next. If you’ve got what it takes, the INROADS Application is the first step to becoming an INROADS Intern.
Please note: Students applying to Canada or Mexico opportunities should click to view unique application qualifications.
The following information will assist you in the application process:

Qualifications You must submit National Process/Timeline

Career Interest in Business, Engineering, Computers and Information Sciences, Retail Store Management, Sales, Health or Marketing

College student attending an accredited college or university*

College 2.8 Cumulative GPA**

H.S. senior applying or already admitted to an accredited college or university

H.S. 3.0 cumulative GPA

Citizenship or permanent residency in the Country applying to

INROADS Internship Application***

Professional Resume***

Samples of your resume MUST appear similar to:
INROADS Resume Template

Candidate Assessment***

Official Transcripts (Requested upon acceptance)

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Deadline for Job Offers

The application form consists of four parts, plus the INROADS Profile and Candidate Assessment information. You will be asked to supply personal, educational, employment and some additional information. Your confidential information is secured using SSL encryption.

Carefully read and complete the application. Some of the information is required and is marked with an asterisk.

Web Browser Information
The use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Microsoft Edge 40, Mozilla Firefox 55 or higher, Google Chrome 60 or higher, or an equivalent browser is required.

You can save the application at any time, and return later to submit it to INROADS for processing. However, INROADS has a 30 day application completion policy. Any applications started and not completed and submitted after 30 days will be discarded and the applicant must start over.

*Must have at least 54 credits hours remaining at the end of this academic year.
** Some INROADS internships may have higher GPA requirements.
*** These items can be submitted online. You will be asked to submit any other items via regular mail to your INROADS office.